Destroying the Planet

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“Destroying the Planet”

The site vividly exposes the catastrophes of Climate Change and almost uniquely deals with the devastating impacts of Arms Manufacture and Warfare as well as delving deeply into self-destructive human motivation and the awesome efforts that will be needed to “Save the Planet” from destruction.

It has been developed by Eylul Sozbilici of the Ipswich Community Media “Community Champions”, who have designed the presentation and visual content of the site. The narratives have been written by Don Young, who is chair of Ipswich Community Media and Learning CIO. The new site, which will be launched within the next month, is linked with, also composed by Don Young. The original platform was developed by Peter Woods of Atec Solutions Ltd.

The Ipswich Community Champions are a group comprising mainly (but not entirely) migrant Women who support The Charity Ipswich Community Media. They work in some of the more deprived communities in the town of Ipswich, and have helped create this website as a result of their passion for living in healthy communities on a planet not destroyed by human activity.

Almost too late
(The Glasgow Climate Summit 2021)

“Wake-up Call” to political leaders by Juggy Pandit, who was a top manager in some of the biggest UK engineering companies- and then went on to be  a trustee of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He was appointed Chair of Trustees in 1999 and served in this capacity for 8 years. He is very active in his interests in the arts and as an Author.

Friendly Thames our friend no more
Now spreads a mile from shore to shore.
Angry waves lap ancient domes
And modern towers of rusting bones.

The dark and viscous oil we burnt
The trees we felled, the earth we hurt.
We knew there’d be a price to pay,
But not in my lifetime we’d say.

We watched as gum trees turned to ash.
The crimson flames, the creatures dash.
We watched as islands swept away
Where just last year we went to play.

They came to Paris once to act
Save the planet, make a pact
We must do more, oh yes indeed,
But not right now, they all agreed

As Amazonia’s mighty trees
Reduced to stumps by loggers greed
And Greenland turned to barren rock
We watched as if immune to shock.

Year after year they came and met
We’ll save the planet, but just not yet.
By growing GDP we live.
Stopping that they won’t forgive.

We watched as Greta’s motley crew
Cried stop! Our future matters too.
Give up your shopping, cars and flights
Your lavish lifestyle. See nature’s plight.

We carried on without a thought.
Austerity’s not what we sought.
We’ll trim a bit, just here and there
But not if it’s too much to bear.

And tell me how will all my pain
Be to anybody’s gain?
Clouds of smoke will still rise
From China’s stacks and India’s skies.

In Glasgow now to agree
A climate pact we hope to see.
Almost too late the experts say
Act now or face the reckoning day.

When we face what we bequeath
The boiling seas, the burning heath
Will we act, or will we say
Our children, they will have to pay.

2020 – We began a new decade swamped by visions of our planet in peril. Australia was in flames: Greenland and Antarctic ice shelves are crumbling; thousands of species face extinction, and millions of humans are at risk of losing their homes as sea levels rise and deserts spread. On top of this, the Amazon basin is suffering from almost unfettered commercial exploitation, causing swathes of the “lungs of the world” to be burned. To cap it all, warfare, oppression, bombing civilians and destroying their homes is making a devastating effect on the health of the planet.

I have set out to explore Global Warming and Climate Change, human behaviour and how we are destroying the planet that supports us – even worse, there are now more than 7 billion humans to feed and house.

  • What it is, Why it is real and not a figment of the imagination
  • What Causes it
  • The effects on the Planet and everything on it

Quite simply: Humans Cause Global Warming. There is no escape from it, despite the lies and misinformation put about by some politicians and writers

The Psychology behind destructive human behaviour is much more complex than the simple facts of What Is Climate Change. Getting to the roots of destructive human behaviour is the most difficult thing of all.

How do we do it? And more important WHY?

Climate Change is complex – many people live from day to day; some have a big struggle just to survive, the news media chase the latest story and just move on, many politicians chase popular stories to get votes. Climate change comes way down the order for most. Destructive climate events are treated as one-offs, people move on once the destruction has been mended. But maybe more and more climate disasters, happening more frequently might begin to stick in the popular mind.

Number crunching
The 2200 richest people own more $ than 4.6 Billion other citizens of the world
– The 22 richest men in the World own more than all of the Women in Africa

Here are some of the Human Causes:

  • By the ways in which we live
  • By what we consume
  • By Fossil Fuel consumption
  • By intensive agriculture
  • By supporting big industries
  • By electing *Bad Guys* – and letting them get away with it
  • By a lack of understanding
  • By Selfishness and  “Bad Psychology”
  • By Wars oppression, arms manufacture and mindless slaughter

What can we do about it before it is too late?

I have tried to make it interesting: there is lots of visual material and I have not been polite to people in power, especially the legions of Bad Guys (and a few bad Bad Women!)

“The website looks very good it’s got a very nice design and the information is presented in a very clear and understandable way especially with the pictures as well, it’s also written very well as it’s really understandable and not too complex so I understand everything you’re saying!”

Callum, aged 18.