Helga’s Introduction

Dear Readers……

I know this diagram is very complicated, but it is important to understand how Climate Change and Global Warming work and how they are Destroying the Planet. It starts with:

  • Fossil fuel consumption, coal; and oil
  • The effects of intensive agriculture and
  • Deforestation

Then: Creation of VERY NASTY Greenhouse Gases

  • Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Water Vapour,

Giving rise to Global Warming and Climate Change.

This in turn leads to Highly Negative Environmental effects:

  • Destruction of habitats, killing animals, trees, seas
  • Collapse of ecosystems, which support us all
  • species extinction and loss of biodiversity and
  • Reduced sunlight reflection,
  • Melting permafrost, ‘specially in the Arctic

And an intensification of extreme weather events

  • Heat,
  • hurricanes,
  • floods,
  • droughts and
  • wildfires

Causing Glacial and ice sheet melting, freshwater loss and desertification, (deserts where there was once farmland); Coral bleaching, sea level rises and coastal submersion – and serious declines in fish stocks

Then, an increase in pest propagation, and disease carriers.

All of this has in turn disastrous Effects on Humans

  • Direct impacts on Health
  • Flooding of cities and farmland
  • Crop failure and loss of farmland
  • Starvation, migration and conflict
  • Direct physical harm caused by extreme weather events

So, dear readers, you can go on to browse the section which has lots of interesting and terrifying pictures!!