5. Disastrous Effects on Humans

Direct impacts on human health

Climate change and Global warming have many effects on humans (as well as other creatures). In  particular, the effects of smoke often created by forest fires and burning fossil fuels, creates a poisonous atmosphere, thus causing lung damage. Excess heat and sun also causes burning of habitats and skin damage, including cancer. Locations such as Death Valley are almost impossible for human life. Too much heat and cold also drastically increase electricity usage for heating and air conditioning. In California lately, such was the burden on electricity supply, generators could not cope, causing supply failure and “brownouts”.


Crop Failure, starvation and conflict

Climate change has many effects on the natural environment. But agriculture and farming practices are causes of global warming, as well as being affected by it. For example, intensive cattle farming results in high levels of methane gas, caused by cattle farting and belching!! (The world’s 1.5 billion cows and billions of other grazing animals emit dozens of polluting gases, including lots of methane.) 

In turn, greenhouse gases and global warming are having an increasingly devastating effect on crops, grazing land for cattle, and the quality of agricultural land. And, in turn, these factors cause reduction in food for humans.

Starvation, migration and Conflict.

A side effect of global warming is crop failure, increasing starvation and hunger, which in turn leads to refugees from desolated areas. The plight of poor and starving people causes exploitation by violent criminals, who are often part of armed insurgent groups. The increase in violent conflict increases the number of refugees.